the crazY babOOns

we are
Lazy Baboons. Catalytic Combination. Breaking perceptions. Breaking rules. Bringing change that matters. That's what we do.
We are the kind of lazies who won't waste time on extensive unnecessaries. Getting to the point, right to the T.
Our treehouse plays host to some interesting branches. Tell us your need and we'll swing right up.
If you want us to get straight to business, The Lazy Baboons are made of a band of renegades from Tech, Marketing and Events. Keeping one eye on the future of marketing, we constantly adapt and evolve our methodologies and approaches to keep your business cutting edge, always.
All in all, when you work with us, you don't get a team. You get a team of individuals who work in sync to get the best possible outcome for your business to rocket through the stratosphere.
Us? We are damn happy in our treehouse.
It's what we call home.
P.S. - We are not monkeys.
"I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job. Because, he will find an easy way to do it."

Bill Gates


810,000 +

lines of code

100 +

projects finished

3600 +

cups of coffee

16,800 +

working hours
the lazy baboons
While we might be a bunch of primates, we flock together, eat together, jive together, party together. Most importantly, because work is worship, we work together closely.
( We’re speaking to Karan on getting us upgrades to grow feathers for the flocking bit. Still waiting on approval! )
Harsh Ahuja
Harsh Ahuja

the cool baboon

Karan Shah
Karan Shah

the geeky baboon

Meet Bhanushali
Meet Bhanushali

the ninja baboon

Kunal Luhar
Kunal Luhar

the wacky baboon

Virat Luhar
Virat Luhar

the calm baboon

Bhoomi Doshi
Bhoomi Doshi

the dreamy baboon